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Learn more and compare subscriptions. Or, if you are already a subscriber Sign in. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. World Show more World. US Show more US. Companies Show more Companies. Markets Show more Markets. Opinion Show more Opinion. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance.Singapore Airlines Singapore Office. Qatar Airways Dubai Office. This post is related to the contact details of Singapore Airlines London Office like phone number, fax, address, email and working hours.

Map locations of all the addresses mentioned in offices are given at the end of related office. Some information about Singapore Airlines SIA is given at the end of contact details of Singapore Airlines London Office like phone number, fax, address, email and working hours.

Here you can find the contact details of Singapore Airlines London Office like phone number, fax, address, email and working hours. For Reservations or Ticketing enquiries, please phone or visit the Ticket Sales Desk at London Heathrow Airport,Terminal 3 which is open daily — hours.

BagFacs dnata. Singapore Airlines London Media Contacts:. SIA operates many airline-related subsidiaries, such as aircraft handling and engineering. Its wholly owned subsidiary SilkAir manages regional flights to secondary cities with short-haul aircraft. Subsidiary Scoot operates in the low-cost carrier sector, along with Tigerair. It ranks amongst the top 15 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue passenger kilometres, and 10th in the world for international passengers carried.

On 15 DecemberSingapore Airlines was announced by the International Air Transport Association as the second largest airline in the world by market capitalisation with a worth of 14 billion US dollars. Singapore Airlines utilises the Singapore Girl as its central figure in its corporate branding. Primary Menu You might also like August 30, August 27, August 26, August 15, August 14, August 13, August 11, It is also incumbent on the Board of Directors to ensure that the Company enforces its social and ethical duties, and its duty to act in good faith with regard to its relationship with its employees and with third parties, as well as to ensure that no individuals or small groups of individuals have a decision making power within the company which has not been subjected to checks and balances, and that no shareholder receives privileged treatment.

Inditex is committed to determining and reviewing its business and financial strategies pursuant to said criterion, seeking to achieve a reasonable balance between the selected proposals and the risks taken. Mr Isla has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors since From July to he was Chairman of Altadis Group.

Mr Ortega is the founding and controlling shareholder of Inditex. He began his textile manufacturing operations in In he founded Confecciones Goa, S. He has sat on several Boards of Directors representing Pontegadea. Arnau was appointed to the Board of Directors in June and ratified in such office by the Annual General Meeting held on 17 July Pontegade Inversiones, S. This company was appointed to the Board of Directors in Decemberfollowing the merger by absorption of Gartler, S.

She began her professional career at the Zara format, where she held various roles related to design and purchase of products. In addition to her job at this subsidiary, she has had broad experience as a company director for upwards of 15 years. Pontegadea Inversiones S. Ms Kingsmill has been an independent director since July He has been an independent director since July From throughhe was an auditor at Arthur Andersen.

Until 31 Decemberhe was a member of the Governance, Remuneration and Nomination Committee at Unibail-Rodamco, and until 4 Octoberhe was a member of the Board of Directors of such company. Echenique has been an independent director since July From through to he held various positions in the State Administration. From to he held different positions at Banco Santanderwhere he became a member of the Board of Directors in Octoberbeing appointed at the same time Chief Executive Officer and member of the Executive Committee where he served until September He has been the Chairman of Vallehermoso, S.

inditex london office

Mr Espinosa de los Monteros has been a director since May At the present time he chairs Fraternidad-Muprespa. Mr Saracho has been an independent director since June He was also a Fulbright scholar.

Mr Saracho began his career in in Chase Manhattan Bank, where he was responsible for operations in different sectors such as Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and Capital Goods. Inhe took part in the launching and implementation of Banco Santander de Negocioswhere he led the Investment Banking division. From tohe was responsible for the Banking operations in Asia. Mr Saracho joined J. Morgan in Spain and Portugal. He is in charge of Investment Banking operations of J.

inditex london office

Morgan for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The appointment and removal of the Secretary of the Board must be approved by the Board of Directors in plenary session, after report of the Nomination Committee.In order to fulfil our commitment to manage our resources more efficiently, we believe it is essential to continue investing in facilities and infrastructure.

Guided by sustainability goals, these investments include:. Our commitment to efficiency goes beyond investment in infrastructure and technology and takes the form of an investment in clean energy as well. Inwe procured million kWh of renewable energy for our offices, logistic centres and stores.

Furthermore, we have increased the use of electricity from renewable sources in our facilities tenfold since Our logistic centres play a key role in our effort to contribute to the sustainability of our clothing, and therefore they, together with our headquarters and offices, constitute a basic pillar of our environmental strategy.

All of them have an ISO certified environmental management system based on continual improvement that allows us to manage efficiently and responsibly. Built following sustainability criteria, the new offices have received the LEED Gold level certification, a standard also achieved by the Oysho headquarters in Tordera Catalonia.

This brings the number of Inditex headquarters and centres that are certified to this sustainable building standard to seven. The ISO standard validates its energy management and promotes more efficient and sustainable energy consumption.


In an ongoing effort to cut back on the resources we use, this year we continued implementing the Efficiency Plan at logistics centres. By deploying more efficient technology like LED lights or state-of-the-art batteries, we curb energy requirements while improving our efficiency. The systems led to increased efficiency and accuracy for shipping management and cut box transfer, storage and retrieval times by half. With regards to training, we continue to develop specific programmes designed to raise awareness among employees about how to use resources efficiently and respect the environment.

Notable is our Good Office Practices Handbook, which has successfully sparked campaigns to reduce consumption of disposable bottles, cups and containers, replacing them with reusable options like water bottles and glass and ceramic cups. Our stores represent the part of our commitment to environmental sustainability most visible to customers. The Eco-Efficient Store Manual lays out the technical requirements and efficiency specifications that should be met by the different installations: lighting, electrical systems, HVAC, plumbing, construction materials or furniture.

It also describes how daily operations like waste management should be carried out to ensure efficiency and reduce resource consumption. In addition, we have a centralized platform that connects to and monitors the HVAC and electrical systems in a total of 2, Group stores. The platform, which can be controlled from a tablettracks each individual store, giving a real-time snapshot of the resource consumption of its different systems.

It can also correct any incidents and maximize efficiency. Our centralized system for eco-efficient stores allows us to regulate lighting, HVAC, air quality and demand for energy based on occupancy parameters and the time of day.

Additionally, and as a sign of our commitment to renewable energy, we increased the amount of electricity we purchase from certified renewable sources to mitigate the impact of our electricity consumption while reducing the emissions produced by power generation.

Inwe reached a total of million kWh in our Spain and Germany offices, keeping more thantons of CO2 and greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. In line with the criteria of our Forest Product Policy, all wood-based products used in our stores have a sustainable forest certification.

All furniture and paper products, including paper bags and labels, are PEFC or FSC approved to guarantee that the entire process of producing forest-based raw materials occurs in a sustainable and controlled manner.

With the goal of reducing paper consumption, our brands joined the Paperless initiative, which uses electronic receipts for online orders and payments by mobile phone. Guided by sustainability goals, these investments include: -Expand, size and modernize logistic facilities and design centres.

Launch Closing the Loop.Why MSE rates us.

inditex london office

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Zara provides: Online shopping In-store shopping Loyalty cards. Contact details Head Office address Regent Street. Phone number: Please check with your phone provider if you are unsure about how much a call will cost.

Using Resolver you can: Keep all your correspondence in one place Go straight to the correct contact point within an organisation Make use of a series of simple templates to help make raising your complaint as simple and quick as possible Receive reminders when you get a response from a company or organisation Get an automatic notification when it's appropriate to escalate your case to the next management level within a company Package up and send off the whole history of your complaint to an ombudsman or other regulatory body if necessary Read more about how to complain here.

You can raise complaints about Zara for Online shopping In-store shopping Loyalty cards. You can use the Resolver system to help make every stage of the complaint process easier.

Want to start a complaint about Zara? Start your complaint. Working with With Resolver you can send your case to key ombudsmen and regulators including:.Add this topic to your myFT Digest for news straight to your inbox. The retailer reinvented its supply chain in surprising ways to become super-flexible. Many European rivals sustained hits from deep promotions. Zara owner reports jump in online revenues but profitability falls to decade-low.

The clothing retailer is unlikely to take a Naomi Campbell-like tumble just yet. Their net worth was hit by the stock market slump, but the rebound has been hefty.

Hard to see what could undo the fast inventory business model. Global push continues with store openings and new digital platforms in Asia. Appointing an external manager seems to improve performance. Accessibility help Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Cookies on FT Sites We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used.

Manage cookies. Get the newsletter now. Add to myFT Digest. Wednesday, 18 March, Thursday, 12 March, Inditex founder has a multibillion-euro property bet.

Wednesday, 11 December, Tuesday, 10 December, Hau L Lee. How extreme agility put Zara ahead in fast fashion. Monday, 2 December, UK property. Wednesday, 11 September, Polka-dot dress boosts Zara sales in tough retail market.

Wednesday, 12 June, Zara owner Inditex profits from expansion with record sales. Thursday, 23 May, Wednesday, 13 March, Zara parent Inditex lifts dividend on higher online sales. Promoted Content.

Inditex, UK: Talent Centre Placement 2020

Wednesday, 12 December, Zara parent Inditex widens margins as retailer avoids discounting.The small Zara store, which winds around the doorway of an ageing office building that is also home to a firm of lawyers, was first opened in by Amancio Ortega, a local clothing manufacturer who had worked his way up from being a delivery boy at a shirtmakers.

This is the seed that blossomed into Inditex, an empire that has shrugged off Spain's economic troubles to become the world's largest fashion retailer, with more than 6, stores in 86 markets and a rapidly growing online business. The building is also the headquarters of Zara, Inditex's biggest chain. In Arteixo, Inditex still manufactures and designs its own clothing to an almost unique system created to put the customer in charge.

Ortega, who has a majority stake in the company, is highly protective of his personal privacy and hardly ever photographed. He does not speak to the press. However, he is well known at the company headquarters, going in nearly every day to discuss everything from property to fashion with Inditex staffers at all levels. But the culture of secrecy means that only a handful of journalists have been allowed behind the wall of blue-mirrored windows which give the Arteixo offices the feel of a Bond villain-style lair, albeit one nestled between a fish factory and a power station.

The Observer is the first British newspaper to be allowed a close look at how this company has developed its global appeal despite hardly buying any advertising, and has kept profits and sales rolling during a tough autumn and winter for fashion stores. Its processes have allowed it to deal with unseasonably warm weather by turning its operations around to produce more dresses, and pull back some of the coats and jackets that usually sell well in November.

At Zara's British online store there is no sign of the discounting loudly blasting from rivals' websites because it has not been lumbered with as much of the wrong kind of stock. When the weather turns against them, most retailers must plough ahead with plans made more than six months in advance, the clothes made and sent out to stores via a centrally controlled system. Slight local changes might be possible, but large groups of stores get similar stock.

At Inditex, every store receives a tailored assortment, right down to the number of T-shirts, delivered twice a week. Just over half the stock will be designed and manufactured less than a month before it hits the shop floor. Even prices can vary considerably between countries. Ortega and Inditex's current chairman and chief executive Pablo Isla may not be keen to speak to the media, but part of Inditex's secret is a heavy reliance on conversation and collaboration.

Each store's stock is developed in partnership between designers, country managers based at brands' HQs and local store and even department managers around the world, who feed back ideas about what customers want and don't want.

Just over half of Inditex's product is only ever produced in relatively small amounts; even if something is incredibly successful, it will never be reproduced exactly again.

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With hardly any advertising to draw in new shoppers, updating the look of stores is also important. A new look is developed every 18 months for every brand. Designs are developed at an indoor street of model shops within the Arteixo HQ, where there is also a large room devoted to fake store windows, where ideas are worked up before kits are sent out around the world.

In the vast white box at the centre of this decision-making process for the Zara brand in Arteixo, a central "spine" of managers, one or more for each country, is monitoring computer screens filled with sales data and talking to store managers or regional directors by phone.

They are aided by computer algorithms, developed in partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which help to get the right mix of sizes for stores.

inditex london office

Managers are guided by these automatic suggestions, but can adjust everything manually, depending on local feedback and market knowledge. The country managers control the flow of product to stores and liaise with designers and buyers who sit close by, nestled in divided areas for different product categories, such as coats or trousers, and for different in-house brands, which all flow off the central spine.

At the end of the office is a pattern-cutting and sample-making section, where up to 50 ideas a week just for womenswear can be brought to life almost instantly.

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